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About PolyHiger

PolyHiger is a professional plastic machinery manufacturer with more than 20 years experience.We specialize in high output Mono layer film extruder, multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing line with IBC and oscillating Take-up unit, and bag sealing machine.

PolyHiger is focused on producing high quality, reasonably priced film blowing machine. We always improve and innovate the technology to manufacture the most reliable, competitive machine and offer the best service. High output, stable functioning and low energy consumption, die head and air ring designs are the most advanced in China.

The plastic machines we offer are widely used in packaging area such as food, beverage, medical, chemical industry, building material etc., and strong process of high quality film can be assured.

With our advanced equipments, professional training and excellent after sale service, many clients from different countries have successfully built production lines of the various film products.

We deeply believe that business partners will learn and grow with PolyHiger during each stage. Keeping good relationship with our business partners is the main key factor of that we could be constantly successful in all respects.